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Register now for the 2023-2024 school year !

 Religious Education Classes are offered for students in 1st-8th grade who attend a non-parochial grammar school.

 *REP tuition balances for the 2022/23 school year need to be paid in full,  prior to registering for 2023/24 program year.  

  TO REGISTER:  Look online at  and click Religious Ed and then  REP REGISTRATION in the drop box. 

Religious Education Classes are offered for students in 1st – 8th grades who attend a non-parochial grammar school.  We encourage families to register your children for Religious Education in all grades One to Eight. 

Sometimes it is tempting to believe that children need to attend only for their sacramental preparation years in grades two and eight… skipping grades 3 to 6.  But, just imagine what is missed in 4 years of religious education?  Would you allow your children to miss those grades in day school?  No, I don’t think so either! 

Religious Education Classes are held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 in the St Cajetan School main building, located  2447 W 112th St.   

Please refer to the RE Calendar on this website. 

2023 – 24             tuition and fee schedule:          

One child                             $225

Two                                       $375

Three or more                   $500

Sacramental Fees:

First communion/Reconciliation (2nd grade)   $30

Confirmation (8th grade)  $30

TUITION FEES will be due at the parent-meeting on September 12th, which is the first class in September.  Note:  Our program is subsidized by all parishioners of St Cajetan Church.  Thank you.

New Students need to provide a copy of their Baptismal Certificate if they were not baptized at St Cajetan Church.

Non-parishioners are admitted to the program based on availability of space in each grade level. 


CAJETAN SPORTS PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY:  Children who are registered and attending Religious Education classes on a weekly basis may also be eligible for some sports in the St Cajetan Sports Program.  Please read the Sports Policy page below.


St. Cajetan School Sports Program Policies

  • Elementary grade children of St Cajetan Parish families are eligible to participate in St. Cajetan Athletic Committee sports activities if they are registered and participating in St Cajetan REP classes and if they do not have an organized activity of the same nature offered at their primary school during the same school year.
  • The child must be currently enrolled in REP classes at St. Cajetan and all past REP fees must have been paid.
  • -He or she must attend St. Cajetan REP classes for the entire RE calendar year regardless of the sport season.
  • -In the case of an incoming transfer REP student, such student will require the written authorization by the REP Coordinator, before the Athletic Committee considers athletic eligibility.
  • All REP students must have an athletic authorization form signed by the coordinator of REP, in addition to all other registration requirements, and prior to any engagement to any athletic activities. Coaches and Athletic Committee members are not authorized to complete REP forms.
  • REP Students may not try out, practice, participate or be registered on any other organized sport of the same nature, with any other organization while actively participating in the St. Cajetan athletic activity.
  • REP students must continue to attend REP classes once the underlying season is completed. REP students are required to attend classes for the entire calendar year.
  • -If a student is absent for more than two consecutive unexcused classes or fails to remain in good standing with the RE Program, then that student will become ineligible to participate in Athletic Committee programs at that time, and for the subsequent school year.
  • -An ineligible student may be reinstated after the one-year suspension of program privileges, if the student has successfully participated in REP classes during the one-year suspension period and meets the requirements of the REP ministry office.

Please contact Sister Anne Phelan at 773-474-7870 for further information and an application form for the Cajetan Sports Program.