Religious Education

The Religious Education Program is for children in grades 1st through 8th who attend either public or non-parochial private schools.

Children are expected to attend religious education classes at all levels. Catechesis at each grade level is based on a progressive context. Each text in the Finding God program (used in grades 1-6) has five main units designed to build upon prior knowledge and learning from year to year.  A brief description of the topics covered in grades 1-6 are as follows:

  • God Loves Us – Topics include creation, God’s covenant with Abraham, the Trinity and God’s Word.
  • Jesus Loves Us – Topics include Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, the Holy Spirit, the Ten Commandments, Sacraments and the Beatitudes.
  • All are Welcome – Topics explored include the person of Mary - the mother of Jesus, the leaders of the Church, the working of the Holy Spirit, Sacraments and psalms.
  • Meeting Jesus – Topics include further exploration of Sacraments, Christian living and the role of prayer in our lives.
  • Living Like Jesus – Topics include the study of the lives of our saints, service, justice, morality, respect and the Ten Commandments.

Curriculum at the 7th and 8th grade level focuses on living the faith. Students use The Catholic Faith Handbook for Youth.  Topics of study include The New Testament, The Creed, morality, liturgy and sacraments, personal prayer, Catholic beliefs and practices and Confirmation preparation.