**** Effective June 11, 2021****

Archdiocesan Task Force update: Phase 5 Guidance


All capacity restrictions are lifted.

Masses, liturgies, sacramental celebrations, parish/school events and all offices may resume 100% capacity.

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is NOT required for vaccinated persons.

Physical distancing is recommended by public health authorities for unvaccinated persons.


Masks are NOT required for vaccinated persons.  However, we would recommend wearing Masks and hand sanitizing (upon entering the church) at Mass.

Masses and Liturgies

All forms of sacramental and liturgical ministry may resume normal practice with a few minor exceptions noted below.

  • Proof of vaccination is not required for attendance at any liturgies or services.
  • Holy Water fonts may be filled and used.
  • Ushers may resume their pre-pandemic routine.
  • Choirs, congregational signing, oral responses, use of worship aids, envelopes and bulletins may be fully resumed if not already done.
  • Receiving Holy Communion in the hand no longer requires extra hand sanitizing on the part of the Communicant. However, the priest and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion should continue to sanitize their hands prior to distributing Communion.
  • Distributing/receiving Holy Communion from the cup remains suspended at this time; the archdiocese will communicate once sharing of the cup may resume.


Social gatherings

All social gatherings (potlucks, office luncheons, parish picnics, carnivals, etc.) may resume while incorporating the guidance on masks and physical distancing noted here.